Thursday, November 12, 2020

Looking at Sheep?

"The Queen of Cupcakes has done it again!" announced Sorbet as she brought a freshly decorated batch to the table for Eva and Luci. [Some background for those who are newer here: Eva is Mia's twin sister. While Mia loves sports, Eva loves fashion, although not everyone agrees with her sense of style. Luci is Kiki's little sister and is quiet and shy. She is known for LOVING Hello Kitty.  Sorbet has just discovered baking after watching The Great British Baking Show over and over.] Cupcakes 1 "Hello! Earth to Eva and Luci," said Sorbet as the two girls continued to stare at the iPhone. What could be keeping their attention away from her amazing cupcakes? Cupcakes 1 "What? Oh great!. Thank you," said Mia as she finally put down the phone. ??? "Here's some milk to go with the cupcakes. So, what have you two been looking at?" asked Sorbet. "It's Wool Week and we've been looking at the photos and the story that Trudy put in the online version of The Gazette," answered Eva. "Yeah, we are learning all about sheep," Luci added in her quiet voice. And then she said, "They're cute!" which sent both girls giggling. "Wool Week! Why didn't you say so! I love sheep. They are so gentle and fluffy. I hear you can even use their milk in baking," responded Sorbet. And then she added, "Let me see the sheep you've been looking at." Cupcakes Sorbet picked up the phone and exclaimed, "Hold on a minute. This isn't a sheep. This is Harold!" That made Eva and Lucy giggle even more. "We think he's cute!" they both exclaimed at once.  "Well, yeah.  I guess so," responded Sorbet, "but let me know when you get to the photos of sheep!"  And she turned to do the dishes, shaking her head. What is this?

Saturday, October 24, 2020

A Spooky Halloween

The kids were out trick-or-treating when they came across a cemetery. "No way I'm going in there!" said Cleo. "It's way too scary." A Dare A discussion was started with everyone voicing opinions on whether or not to take the risk and go inside. Haunted Cemetery "I'm not afraid," said Cerise. "Who's with me?" Look! That was the push everyone needed and they all walked slowly into the cemetery. Hazel and Logan were interested in the writing on the tombstones. Spooky Melanie got brave and touched the bones of an arm! A Bone This "Abby" got a little too close for comfort. Help! Peek-a-boo! Peeking Out Finally the kids had enough and headed for home. But, first Melanie stopped to check out her stash of treats. The Spoils

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Summer Day at Pleasant View Lake

The weather has been unusually hot here so the dolls decided to go to the lake. The "lake" is actually my pup's wading pool, but I cleaned it out and filled it so Kiki could go in her kayak. Pleasant View Lake This is "B" which is short for Beatrice testing the water. Pleasant View Lake Her twin sister Bobbi wanted to see what she decided. I call these two the Bobbsey Twins. Pleasant View Lake Dolls can't really go in water so I put out a shower curtain to be the lake. Pleasant View Lake There was a birthday today and someone brought balloons. Pleasant View Lake But then, Marta came along and said what about masks and social distancing! I think she tends to forget she is a doll and can't get sick. Pleasant View Lake

Sunday, July 26, 2020

A Tale of Two Sixes

I have friends that are always finding dolls to fix up and keep or sell and I told one of them I'd love a #6 someday. It turned out she a a lot of them so I bought one. Right after that, one came up for sale on a forum with a haircut so I grabbed her, too. So, here are my Twins: Beatrice (who ONLY goes by "B") and Bobbi with the bobbed hair.

I caught the two whispering this morning.

I wondered what they were talking about.

Then they told me. "We are twins and we want matching clothes! You need to buy two of everything!" Oh dear...
Together Forever

Monday, July 13, 2020

Pleasant View Fair

Self-distance Doll Fair

There was a small county fair last weekend here in Pleasantview. The booths were spread apart for safety of the humans
involved. Let's move in for a closer look!

Pleasant View Fair

Amelie brought her shopping bag and found a booth with dolls.

Shopping at the fair

Then she enjoyed a vegan hot dog from the stand.

Snack time

There were some visitors from Germany who asked for pretzels.

Do you have pretzels?

But there was also pizza. Hmmmm... It's hard to pick which kind.


Here's a great booth with handmade items.

The Craft Booth

Z and Popcorn went shopping at the veggie stand.

At the Fair

Kiki took a break from selling pizza to visit the petting zoo.

Petting zoo

The local band called "The Spice Dolls" performed at the gazebo.

Spice Dolls

Some of the dolls danced, but Elena was content to sit in the shade and watch.

Listening to the Music

It was a fun day and we were all pleasantly tired by the end, including our four legged friend.

Too hot to play

Monday, January 13, 2020

Weekend Winter Fun

The dolls had a great time this weekend when they went to Pleasant View Mountain Resort for some winter fun. It was a nice sunny day with plenty of fresh powder from the night before.

Busy Day on the mountain

There was plenty to do: skiing, snowboarding, and sledding.

On the Ice

Ice skating on the frozen lake was also very popular. These girls are stopping to chat.

Tying skates

You have to keep those laces tied tight!

Let’s Get a Game Going!

And don't forget about hockey!

Sled dog in training

And there was even a dog sled. This little puppy was too small so he got to ride.

Here I Go!

This girl was ready for a fast run on her sled and yelled, "Watch out everyone!"


Oops! Wipeout!

At the Pleasant View Mountain Resort

There was so much going on that it was hard to get photos of all of it. Some kids went into the warming hut for hot cocoa at the bottom of the hill as the sun began to set. By the end of the day everyone went home tired and happy from such a fun weekend.

Monday, December 23, 2019

The Dolls' Nutcracker

Some of Kiki's friends attended The Nutcracker.


Clara received her nutcracker for Christmas...

The Nutcracker Prince

Who turned into a prince...

Snow Queen

And took her to a magical land where she met the snowqueen...



And had wonderful dancing delights.

The Nutcracker

The whole audience loved the show.

Meeting the cast

And a couple of honored guests got to meet the cast afterwards.

The End!

Friday, November 29, 2019

The Dolls' Thanksgiving

Some friends and I set up a scene last weekend of the dolls preparing a Thanksgiving meal to serve to the homeless and less fortunate. We used my diner and kitchen for the cooking and set up a lot of random tables and chairs for the dolls' dining room. This photo shows the overall scene.


Kyle was the chef, but he had a lot of help.




The evening ended by honoring the veterans who attended and with a sing-a-long.



We had so much fun setting this up. My doll room is still not done, but it's progressed far enough to play in, which is wonderful.